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At one point, your character bemoans having to make a sizeable leap over a gap before turning off and finding another route.

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We're all excited about NASA's Curiosity rover at the moment thanks to its intriguing discovery of a mysterious methane spike. Some of that fervor seems to be spilling over to an image the rover snapped on June 16 showing a bright blip of light on the distant horizon.

Mars Flashes Earth Again

But don't get your hopes up for signs of alien life on the Red Planet. We've seen this sort of light before. There are several good explanations for the glowing spot.

Amon Amarth - The Way of Vikings

Curiosity captured a view of a very similar glow on the horizon in NASA's Doug Ellison, who works with the rover camera, took to his personal Twitter account at the time to say that light was likely a cosmic ray hit. NASA describes galactic cosmic rays as "particles accelerated to near the speed of light that shoot into our solar system from other stars in the Milky Way or even other galaxies. Cosmic rays are fleeting, but they have been spotted before. Apollo astronauts reported seeing "faint spots or flashes of light when the cabin was dark," a phenomenon NASA attributed to cosmic rays.

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