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Finicky Tachometer on port motor? Grand Banks Cruising photos. Name this yacht! Owner's phone number displayed on Why join a yacht club? Local boatyard closing. Island Gypsy. Documentation trouble. Fresh water tank. Trawler types. High-density polyurethane foam for All times are GMT The time now is AM. Same planet different world superyacht. Click Here to Login.

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Members List. Mark Forums Read. Log in. Page 1 of 3. Thread Tools. Same planet different world superyacht Kogo just anchored out front of our house yesterday. Quote: Originally Posted by cardude01 Meh. Purchasable with gift card. Shiny plastic disc, packaged in environmentally friendly and cool-looking "da-vinci file" case a bit like an old fashioned vinyl record sleeve, only smaller.

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Signed if you like. We all have issues. There's a girl who lives near Leeds Working two jobs to meet the needs of the two boys she never sees And it's not easy There's a man from the city His house is big and his wife is pretty But his bonus isn't what it used to be He says it's not easy They walk the same planet but different worlds From the single mum to the six figure sum Every man, woman, boy and girl We walk the same planet but a different world.

And the music, the Ice Cube! I remember sitting there listening to it, smoking that pot. It was the first time in my life that I could relax. Have you come across Americans who glorify Russia in that way? I think that scene pretty much nails it. We just want things. Russian Orthodoxy is making a big comeback right now.

Hari Krishnas are running around Moscow. The country does have a huge spiritual yearning along with its yearning for sausage. I know!

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I think one thing is that Russia is such a vast, gigantic country, sometimes governable and sometimes not. The literature is filled with all these deep, brooding questions about God. Another big theme is slavery. Serfdom was a humiliating, terrifying experience for millions of Russians. They enslaved themselves. The characters in Russian literature are also fantastic. For Absurdistan, you borrowed characters from books like Crime and Punishment and Fathers and Sons —the starving artist with delusions of grandeur, the idealized peasant girl who marries the old nobleman.

Are these real-life Russian personality types that pop up even on the streets of modern St. Petersburg or Moscow?

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Yes, and those writers nailed them! Nineteenth-century Russian literature has no equal anywhere in the world. It will never have an equal—in terms of character, in terms of plot, in terms of psychological depth. I write satire, which is not exactly known for its empathy and compassion. But when I look back at a book like Fathers and Sons , I really admire how much compassion there is for everyone involved.

What angle did you take? As I started writing it, I was already writing my first book. You spent a lot of time in Azerbaijan a couple of years ago. Did that experience provide most of the material for the country you created in Absurdistan? Azerbaijan was a big influence. But Absurdistan was mostly just whatever the hell I wanted it to be. You describe its layout in such a detailed way. Did you base it on a real city like Baku? Or did you sit down and sketch out a brand new city on paper?

Yeah, I actually sat down and sketched it all out. I wanted to be an urban planner before I became a writer, so I got to do it in this book. I love cities built on hilltops. I also love the idea of having different parts of the city cleaved into terraces. You mentioned very briefly last night that while you were in Azerbaijan, someone tried to kidnap you.

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    At certain points in Absurdistan , you seem to imply that Boris Vainberg sexually molested Misha when he was a child—holding him close and grabbing at his penis, or, as he calls it, his khui. I think something is going on there. To me, the boundaries America puts up within the family are the best thing about this country. In a way, your description of Misha and his father just seems like one more way of satirizing passionate, complex Russian relationships—like the scene with the Russian soldiers who first beat up Misha and then fall to the ground and embrace him.

    I would say so. But I mean, look. If you drink grams of vodka, you are going to be punching and kissing and all these different things.

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    I got drunk with some Mongols once. That sort of thing happens to Misha, too. Jews are our brothers! Now give us some money! They all had their pet theories they wanted to try out, too. There really was an occasion like that in Georgia. The idea was that maybe I could go Russian, too, based on her. But with a schnoz like this, it would have been a problem. I actually went to visit them. No, no.