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California Decides to Regulate Cow Farts in Order to Fight Global Warming

In Germany, there are 9, such digesters. When it comes to eating less red meat, for example, Mitloehner does concede that it can reduce greenhouse gas emissions. But only by a very small amount. As crazy it sounded, I still had to ask him.

Were the critics right? Were they onto something?

Based on his conversation with the policy team, did he really think AOC was coming to take away your hamburgers? And they were very reasonable. Correction: An earlier version of this article stated that a study modeled the environmental impact of 20 million Americans going on a vegan diet. In fact, it modeled the impact of all Americans on the diet. We regret the error.

California Decides to Regulate Cow Farts in Order to Fight Global Warming | Rare

Will it be corrected? How did we get here? Articles July 18, Environment Environment. News News.

Previous Post. The latest food news, from the editors of The New Food Economy. First name. Last name. Like transportation. If we cut these numbers in half, we could actually have an impact on climate change. Also, what no one talks about… The American farmer is doing more to prevent climate change than just about anyone else.

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And we are doing it voluntarily. No government mandates for us. American agriculture is the most efficient in the world! Why focus on eliminating animal agriculture?

The Role of Animal Farts in Global Warming (Infographic)

In my opinion, it comes down to two words: money and agendas. The transportation sector has an agenda to keep their GHG emissions out of the news and they have the money to do that. The energy and industry sectors are the same. An agenda and plenty of money to make that happen.

But farmers?

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We will live in rural communities and spend most of our time on our farms. Yes, we have boards and marketing programs, but the resources to fund those organizations come from each and every farmer. We are an easy target. How do we change this? Agriculture is leading the way in technology and reducing GHG emissions.

What is the biggest thing we do daily, without realising, that contributes to the climate crisis?

Animal agriculture here in the USA is more sustainable than ever. And animal welfare has never been better.

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  8. We continue to find ways to improve the lives and health of our cows every day. How do we share that message? How do we combat the negative news and the reports that continue to spread misleading information and bash animal agriculture?