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The famous poetic drama of religious tolerance - a milestone of 18th-century European drama. Translated into English verse by Bayard Quincy Morgan. Sir Orfeo : Three translations by J. Anthology of poems, essays, plays and stories all in French, no translations. A lot of good French reading. Scott Fitzgerald,. My sister Marguerite and I discovered something interesting a few months ago when we were talking about this book.

Whenever we come across a copy of it, I always turn to the opening page and read the first couple of sentences, and she always turns to the back and reads the last sentence. Here's the opening sentences: "In my younger and more vulnerable years my father gave me some advice that I've been turning over in my mind ever since. The only Fitzgerald book I love. Marguerite dosn't like it much at all, except for that last sentence. Three categories: Stories revised for later books, uncollected stories, and unpublished stories.

Robertson Davies' cover blurb says ' The most honest account of an adolescent girl's experience I have ever encountered The volumes for year 6 are: Vol. Hegel: Philosophy of History, Introduction. Webster's Dictionary , 3rd edition, Random House version, Good condition, no tears or marks, 1. Good condition, great cover illustration, trade paperback. Check your child's book list this year: does he or she need this one?

Manual Songs of Victory

The wanton world of Nero's Rome caught by the satiric genius of its most cultured cynic, newly translated with an introduction by the brilliant classical scholar William Arrowsmith from cover. Essays on Shakespearean tragedy. Two early American novels, 18th century. Kilmann, pages with dust jacket , 1. Greiff, M. Munter, M. C Ret. James W. Michaels, 1. Clark, hb with dj,in very good condition.

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Lucas, pb, 1. Rosenthan, pb with photos, 2. Projects with step-by-step instructions in batik, candle-making, ceramics, macrame, metal foil tooling, nature craft, tie-dye, weaving and other crafts. Beautifully photographed cofee-table book on cat behavior. Solid but dated not outdated. One bite makes you larger and one bite makes you small You always wanted to know what the deal was about speed reading?

Now's your chance to find out for a minimal investment of coins and time. I love movies, I really do. But I've never studied film formally. So I thought I should learn the academic side of it. But still.. I just want to watch movies.

Wonderful book but well-worn. Make me an offer or get it free with any other 3 books. Hollywood vs. America by Michael Medved. Love it or hate it, you'll feel strongly about this book.


A precursor to The Hollywood Hall of Shame. Old, yellowed, worn copy, free with any order. But it's a good reference and if you grew up in the 50's, 60's or 70's you can find all the trivia on the shows you grew up with. Worth it just for the photographs of movie posters.

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Randy Taraborrelli. One of the best biographies of Janis by long-time Rolling Stone contributing editor Dalton. Full of great photographs.

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Book is in like-new condition. Sayers, Margery Allingham, G. James, P. Wodehouse, Nicholas Blake, and more.


Wonderful book, pages, excellent condition, no dust cover, 3. Erstwhile First Daughter continues her Capital Crime series. Regular print edition, pages with dust jacket, 1. If you ever wanted to dip into Elmore Leonard for the first time this might be the place to start. This is a beautiful copy, like it jumped off the new book shelves, pages, 1.

There's a killer lurking in the British halls of learning. Library discard, hardback with dust jacket, pages, 1.

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  • Handbook of Near-Infrared Analysis, Third Edition (Practical Spectroscopy).
  • Collective Creativity: Art and Society in the South Pacific (Anthropology and Cultural History in Asia and the Indo-Pacific);
  • Hardback, library discard with dust jacket, pages, 1. Hart, like new except for dust jacket wear, hardback, mystery at an Agatha Christie convention. Crime fiction by the popular author, an excellent hardback with dust jacket in like new condition, pages, 3. Hardback, library discard, dust cover, 2. I listened to an abridged version of this novel in audio book format on a road trip to Ohio, but darned if I remember what it's about.

    Travis McGee is always a fun read. I finished this one Holy Saturday just as the book itself finishes at that season.

    deadly deception a brian bianco novel book 5 Manual

    I finished in tears. I don't want to ever read it again because I could never recapture the experience of reading it the 1st time. HB with dj, 1. Another good Greeley tale.